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ASD Faces
  • Science Day, 16th April 2021:
  •     Prof. Farid Bensebaa Find out about Prof. Farid Bensebaa
  • Science Day, 16th April 2019:
  • Science Day, 16th April 2020:
  •     Prof. Aminata Ould El-Hadj Khelil Find out about Prof. Aminata Ould El-Hadj Khelil       On BioinformaticsTools FB Blog Find out about Scienec Day 2020 on BioinformaticsTools FB Blog Page
  • Science Day, 16th April 2018:
  •     Prof. Mohamed Tidjani Boudjelkha Find out about Prof. Noureddine Melikechi
  • Science Day, 16th April 2017:
  •     Prof. Noureddine Melikechi Find out about Prof. Noureddine Melikechi
  • Science Day, 16th April 2016:
  •     Prof. Halima Benbouza Find out about Prof. Halima Benbouza       Prof. Houda Imane Faraoun Find out about Prof. Houda Imane Faraoun
  • Science Day, 16th April 2015:
  •     Prof. Kamal Sanhadji Find out about Prof. Kamal Sanhadji
  • Science Day, 16th April 2014:
  •     Prof. Nidhal Guessoum Find out about Prof. Nidhal Guessoum       Prof. Abdelkrim Cheriti Find out about Prof. Abdelkrim Cheriti
  • Winner of EADS Grand Prize 2013:
  •     Prof. Rachid Deriche Find out about Prof. Rachid Deriche
  • Academic Year 2013-2014:
  •     Dr. Latifa Debbi Find out about Dr. Latifa Debbi       Prof. Mohammed Boulenouar Ziane Find out about Prof. Mohammed Boulenouar Ziane
  • Science Day, 16th April 2013:
  •     Prof. Elias A. Zerhouni Find out about Prof. Elias A. Zerhouni       Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi Find out about Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi
  • Academic Year 2012-2013:
  •     Ms. Meriem Zerriouh Find out about Ms. Meriem Zerriouh           Prof. Hafid Aourag Find out about Prof. Hafid Aourag
  • Science Day, 16th April 2012:
  •     Prof. Kheira Rahal Find out about Prof. Kheira Rahal       Prof. Farid Amirouche Find out about Prof. Farid Amirouche
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